Community Outreach: Niagara Falls’ Chris Lamb Focuses On Neighborhood Development

Chris Lamb
4 min readApr 6, 2021


Chris Lamb values fulfillment and the local community. By working in Niagara Falls, he has stayed close to where he attended college. Giving back to the community is a priority he honors by investing in real estate.

5 Reasons Corporations Should Give Back

Giving back to the community is a way to earn trust and build a better future. Chris Lamb invests time in Niagara Falls to provide stability and a sense of closeness. By supporting the local economy, property developers like Chris Lamb can even help increase city tax revenue. There are many reasons for individuals and corporations to give back to the community.

Customer Growth

Many business owners are concerned that supporting the community may hurt their bottom line. In one poll, almost two-thirds of millennials say they prefer businesses that contribute to charity or community outreach programs. With a better reputation, more business may come.

Boost Company Morale

If working with others, a company’s values can positively affect employees. Giving back to the community, especially if a business is local, can help familiar faces. Depending on how a business contributes, volunteering can strengthen bonds within the company and the community. By bringing people together, professionals can make a difference for the better.

Free Publicity

When donating or volunteering, a business frequently attracts attention from the press. Whether local media is called for a press release or the outreach is big enough to make headlines, the publicity will boost a business’s reputation. Socially conscious companies can be covered by social media as well. Having a place where photos can be captured may place a company’s name in online rotation. While contributing to a local community, many businesses opt to discount their services or goods for that specific time.


Even cash contributions can create a networking scene. By donating to outreach programs or the local arts community, a business’s brand or CEO can be advertised. This is especially beneficial with local theater events where programs are distributed to the audience. Gallery gatherings or intermission is an easy way to meet others while sharing a community interest.

Obtaining A New Purpose

Giving back to the community helps support a cause and the people nearby. Most people feel good after donating money or time to help support others in need. Having a purpose brings out the best in a community and has the added benefit of doing something different for a day.

What Does Community Support Mean?

Community support can take a variety of forms. Donating to charities is a popular way to give money to widely known organizations, but local community support is also appreciated. The goal of community support is to help others in need, regardless of the cause.

Ways to donate money include:

Donate To Local Businesses

These can be coffee shops, record stores, or any business that is a pillar of the community. By donating to an independent store or business, the community can feel engaged while receiving direct funds for what’s valued.

Donate To Community Art Programs

Donating to community art programs can include visual arts and school bands, community theater, and writing centers. Many art programs need extra funding and also host community events.

Donate To Local Schools

Schools are often in need of more supplies or program funding. School events are also a way to network while providing needed resources.

Sponsor A Local Radio Station

By giving money to a local radio station, a business can help support music while simultaneously gaining exposure. Many radio stations will state their sponsors throughout the show or play a short commercial. To save money while donating, many businesses choose to have their business read on air.

Ways to support without money


Volunteering can be done at pet shelters or local libraries. Book fairs often involve the community once or twice per year.


Raising awareness for a cause does not have to include donations. Walking or running a marathon can be an excellent way to support community causes.

Public clean-up

Picking up debris or trash throughout the community will positively impact the neighborhood. To use this as a branding opportunity, wearing shirts with the company logo can be very beneficial.

Host a local radio show

Local radio stations will frequently have time slots available for community members who wish to play their show. Depending on the station, volunteers may be able to promote their business on air. This can help college and community stations in addition to promoting corporate business.

Other ways to give back include volunteering on hotlines or online. While these can be just as helpful, without the full exposure of being out in the community, the business’s publicity may decrease. Directly interacting with the community will bring awareness, even when there’s no conversation. Printing logos, stickers, or hats can all draw attention for the right reasons.

Social Responsibility

Corporate involvement for social causes can feel uncomfortable. Strong opinions can alienate customers, and many businesses fear losing money. When donating or volunteering, choosing a cause can be tricky.

In general, most businesses try to stay away from politics. Causes that affect everyone in the community are usually the most effective. Athletic clubs, schools, soup kitchens, and animal shelters are just a few causes that may benefit businesses as much as the community.

Regardless of corporate business sponsors community activities or renewable power, the intent behind it is noted. For sustaining or growing a business, social responsibility is important for everyone.



Chris Lamb

First generation property developer and investor located in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada.