Niagara Falls’ Chris Lamb Shares Three Things to Look for in a Real Estate Broker

Chris Lamb
2 min readJan 25, 2021


For new real estate licensees, finding a reputable broker is one of the most important things to do to increase career success. Being a professional broker or real estate agent requires a thorough understanding of the industry and working with a reputable brokerage can save you time, worry, and frustration.

Most real estate agents and brokers are reliable; however, it’s important to do prior research when it comes to finding the right broker for your specific needs. To help you make the right decision, Chris Lamb, a Niagara Falls-based real estate investor and entrepreneur that works both in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, shares three things to look for in a real estate broker.

Chris Lamb on Understanding the Market

Whether your clients are buying or selling, you’ll want to make sure they are getting a fair price. Partnering with a real estate broker who knows the market and can give you further training and insight on market specifics is crucial, says Chris Lamb of Niagara Falls.

When it comes to market specifics and niche, a good broker will know what to look for. For example, the brokerage should have extensive experience in different areas of the market, including investment properties, fix and flips, developments, land, and more. Go with a broker who has a solid understanding of how the real estate industry works.

Reputation and References

Before securing a deal with a real estate broker, it would be a good idea to solicit recommendations from people you know and trust. Ask other realtors on what their experiences with certain brokerages were like or if they can recommend a reputable one to you.

Alternatively, if you don’t know of anyone who can recommend a brokerage to you, Chris Lamb of Niagara Falls encourages that you make sure the broker you’re considering can personally provide you with a long list of satisfied clients along with their contact information. This will ensure more confidence in your decision and will allow you to connect with and learn about their experiences.

Provides Support

Depending on your needs and how you wish to grow your career, you’ll want to partner with the right broker to complement. Some brokerages provide hands-on training, monitoring, and marketing while others leave you on your own to grow your business independently.

Once you’re ready to choose a brokerage, it’s important to keep these considerations in mind. Finding the right fit — whatever your needs are — is the most important for you; however, Chris Lamb recommends partnering with a broker that provides the support you need to successfully reach your real estate business goals.



Chris Lamb

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